How Honoring Faith and Tradition Can Ease Grief

When a loved one dies, feelings of shock, numbness, and confusion are prevalent. A deep and aching pain can develop, as daily life continues without a loved one present.

Our owner, Gus Antonopoulos, and the rest of the caring team at Farenga Funeral Home, have walked alongside countless neighbors here in Astoria and Greater Queens as they planned or and attended a funeral service while facing complicated emotions. Certainly there is sadness and loneliness, but it’s also common to encounter feelings of anger, guilt, fear, or blame.

But over the years, we’ve noticed something: Faith and traditions can bring an added measure of comfort to the grieving process and lend special meaning to a loved one’s service or visitation. This doesn’t erase the trauma and sadness that floods in when a loved one dies. But it can introduce a sense of belonging, connection, and security, and these are all beneficial to the healing process. It can also give you a feeling of connection to your loved one, if they too were a very religious person.

farenga-honorfaith-june18-blogGus Antonopoulos, and all the staff at Farenga Funeral Home, count it a privilege to be part of such a diverse community – and that includes varied faith traditions. Many of the families in the Greater Queens community have deeply held Catholic or Greek Orthodox beliefs that are a great source of solace during trying times. Providing a “Meal of Mercy,” or makaria, is one way Orthodox families show support for those who have lost a loved one. A reception following a funeral service is another, as friends and family gather in homes or local restaurants to share stories and memories as they come together as a community.

On a more personal level, if you find that prayer uplifts or sustains you, set aside time for it. Reading Scripture or spiritual texts that encourage you, attending services, and speaking with your priest or other religious leader can also help ease grief.

We offer added support with grief brochures and online interactive grief support. We want you to know you are never alone, and that we are here for you long after the funeral ends. Contact us anytime.