The Personal Funeral Service: 4 Stories to Spark Imagination

A funeral or cremation service is an important time to say goodbye, share memories, and comfort one another. At Farenga Funeral Home, we believe every life in Astoria and Greater Queens deserves such a meaningful farewell. Our professional staff has years of experience creating tributes to help families tell a life story in the most personal way possible.

Each service should be one of a kind, reflecting what your loved one stood for and valued. After all, honoring your loved one is all about celebrating what made them so memorable. Farenga Funeral Home offers countless ways to do so. Consider these stories as a way to spark your own creativity – whether you’re planning for a loved one, or planning for yourself:

  1. Maria’s mother loved to talk about two things: her family and food. Maria knew she wanted to incorporate both into her mother’s funeral service but wasn’t sure how. She compiled photos and created a video that beautifully captured the people who meant the most to the family. After the service, Maria handed out a special card as a commemorative gift to her guests with her mother’s picture along with her well-loved baklava recipe. Guests kept and treasured that card to remember her by.
  1. Icon of the virgin in the hands of a believer. Parishioner in thMichael’s father was a man of great faith, and Michael wanted the funeral service to reflect his devotion to the Greek Orthodox Christian Church. To do so, there was a visitation the night before the funeral, where a priest led a brief Trisagion Service, and loved ones gave heartfelt eulogies. The funeral itself was held at the family’s church, followed by a gathering at the graveside. Michael said his entire family found healing and comfort through embracing the age-old traditions of faith – traditions his father honored throughout his lifetime.
  1. John’s uncle, whose passion was gardening – even though his garden was the small, city kind of garden – preplanned his own funeral from start to finish. This included cremation and a service to follow, where loved ones scattered his cremated remains in the private garden of a friend. John and his family found peace and closure, knowing this was exactly what Uncle John had wanted. As they all departed, each guest was given a packet of seeds to plant as a remembrance of their loved one who so enjoyed watching his garden grow.
  1. Helen was devastated when her older sister died following a long illness and wanted the funeral service to be both a celebration of her life and an acknowledgement that her sister was now free of the pain she had endured for so many years. Helen organized an environmentally friendly balloon release at the end of the service. Each guest was encouraged to say a prayer or write a word or sentence on the balloon that captured their feelings about Helen, before releasing it into the sky. Helen’s sister’s favorite color was yellow (she always said it was such a “happy” color), so bouquets of yellow balloons filled the heavens after her service that day. Helen said this final tribute was even more moving than she anticipated – a memory neither she, nor her guests, will ever forget.

As you can see, personal touches mean so much to family and friends. If you would like to make your own prearrangements as a way to express your story, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. Our preplanning specialists are here to help in any way we can.