Your Trust: Our Greatest Priority

A brand new year is here and with it, inevitably, comes change. Where there was once a coffee shop on the corner, there’s now a diner, and it’s just the opposite on the other side of the street! If you’ve been raising your family in Astoria or Greater Queens like we have, you know the neighborhood is always changing—and that’s just part of the charm! But in an ever-changing landscape, one thing you can always count on is Farenga Funeral Home—we’ve been here for your family’s funeral service needs for generations.

Farenga-TrustAs a trusted neighbor for over 140 years, it’s the first priority of our family-owned business to provide respect and support every step of the way—along with the very best in end-of-life services. Our neighbors in Queens rely on us for a number of things, including all their preplanning needs. When you outline your preferences today, you ensure everything is in place for your family when the time comes; reducing stress and bringing comfort to your loved ones. Start planning now for exactly how you’d like to be remembered. Simply contact our team and explore all the available options, create a workable budget, talk it over with your family, and demonstrate how much you care by putting a plan in place today.

Farenga is also your trusted choice for making immediate end-of-life decisions. Let us guide you through our funeral service options, cremation arrangements, special memorials, personalization options, and more. In everything, we strive to exceed your expectations and bring a unique and personal touch to the entire service.

Furthermore, as a part of the diverse family that makes up Greater Queens and Astoria, we serve a wealth of cultural and faith backgrounds daily—specifically tailoring each service right down to the favorite song, special religious considerations, a most beloved flower, or handing out cards with the “secret” family baklava recipe. Ultimately, you can depend on the expertise of Farenga Funeral Home to walk you through the process—and to make it a meaningful and memorable experience throughout.

No matter what this new year holds for our community—or what the neighborhood will look like in another five or ten years—it will always be home to you. The team at Farenga Funeral Home considers it our home too, and we look forward to another century of celebrating life and being there for your family when it matters most.