4 Ways our Care Team Goes Above and Beyond

Someone you love is nearing death and you have to decide which funeral home to call – and fast.

This is a situation many Queens and Astoria families find themselves in every day. And this is why we’re writing this blog. If you or your friend or family member is facing a loss, we want you to know you can turn to us at Farenga Family of Funeral Homes & Cremation Service. We will take care of every detail so you can focus on what matters most: the special people in your life.

How does our care team go above and beyond for families who come to us?

  1. As part of the community, we know what locals want. While some of us are proud to be native New Yorkers, the rest of us have moved here and now consider Greater Queens home. We have extensive knowledge of the beliefs, cultures, and traditions of the people who live here. We consider every family we serve as our neighbors and friends – and we’re told that this level of compassion shows in the way we treat others. We listen and we care, and our decades of professional experience help us highlight your loved one’s unique personality at the funeral and help you heal afterward. When you come to Farenga, you’re not coming to a corporate business preoccupied with the bottom line. You won’t be “just a number.” Our personal service means everything to us and that will be evident the moment you walk through our doors.
  2. We make each funeral a meaningful reflection of the person whose life is being remembered. When you come to either of our locations, we will help you weave unique touches and signature services throughout the service. Keep in mind these personalization options don’t have to feel forced. We will be there to help you identify the options that work best for your family and tell the story of your loved one’s life.

    Here’s an example: We can display photographs, memorabilia, or service or military awards provided by the family. Maybe your dad never missed a Giants game and was proud of the jerseys and ticket stubs he collected over the years. We could arrange these items in an attractive display to showcase his passion. Or perhaps your favorite aunt made hundreds of Christmas cookies every December. We could replicate the recipes and hand out recipe cards so guests can make and share her cookies for years to come. These are just two examples of how we can take a person’s passions, accomplishments, and talents and shine a spotlight on them in a special way.

  3. We take exceptional care of our facilities so that families feel comfortable the moment they step through the door. When you walk into our funeral homes, we want you to feel at ease. We do everything possible to create an inviting environment where we can take care of you. We know it’s the little things that make the difference and will treat you with the same kind of compassion and respect we would extend to our own family at such a difficult time.

    As the foremost choice for cremation services in Astoria and Greater Queens, Farenga Funeral Home is dedicated to offering affordable options that accommodate every budget. As a family-owned and operated establishment since 1876, our commitment to treating your loved one with the utmost respect during the cremation process is unwavering. Contrary to common misconceptions, our services provide a wide range of choices, ensuring that you are never confined in your decisions. Whether you prefer a traditional visitation and funeral service or a more contemporary memorial, we are here to accommodate your wishes. Our comprehensive array of disposition options includes burial, scattering, permanent possession, and mausoleums, all tailored to your preferences.

  4. We’re here to support you after the funeral is over. Having experienced loss firsthand, we’re well aware that the days and weeks following a death are often very busy – but when family and friends go home, a new wave of grief sets in. Our aftercare services are second to none, providing the support needed after a loss. With years of experience caring for grieving families, we know the best specialists, resources, and support groups our community has to offer. And with our Guiding Grief Interactive Online Help, you can learn about the grief process for your own healing or help with someone else’s healing.

As you can see, family has always been at the heart of everything we do here at Farenga and it’s our hope that you will turn to us when you need our assistance. You can be assured that we will go above and beyond with every detail. Whether you are interested in putting your own funeral preferences in writing to ease the stress on your family when the time comes, or you are in need of our services immediately, we are here for you around the clock.