Allowing Yourself to Feel the Grief of a Loss

Most of us tend to be kinder to other people than we are to ourselves. It’s not easy to give ourselves permission to grieve a loss, but self-love and self-compassion are necessary elements when mourning a loved one. At Farenga Funeral Home, our kindhearted staff members know how difficult it can be to give yourself room to grieve. We want our neighbors in Queens and Astoria to know they’re not alone.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to allow yourself to feel the grief of a loss:

Take it slow. 

It might be tempting to try to rush through your grief in order to get to the other side of it. Resist the urge to fill your calendar with distracting social obligations or additional work-related tasks. The grief journey isn’t linear and requires patience and being honest with yourself about how you are feeling at each step of the way. Be sure to get plenty of rest while you’re grieving, as your body needs to recharge to recover and heal.

Pencil in time for joy.

Letting yourself experience joy is also part of grieving. Find the time to do something for yourself at least once every day. This should be an activity you enjoy that leaves you energized and fulfilled. Perhaps it’s baking, playing a musical instrument, doing yoga, or tending to a garden. Whatever activity you choose, put it in your calendar like an important work meeting and try to let yourself enjoy this time spent alone doing something you love.

Connect with your support system.

Spending time with family and friends who knew your loved one can help you feel more connected to the person you’ve lost. Share personal stories and feelings with your support system and let them know how they can help you during this difficult time. Connecting with loved ones may offer temporary relief from the wearying symptoms of grief and help you release uncomfortable emotions.

Seek outside help when you need it.

Grieving a loss can leave you feeling lonely and isolated. Reach out to our compassionate team, and we’ll connect you with a local grief support group or a mental health counselor. We also offer interactive grief support on our website.

Cry when you need to cry. 

Letting the tears fall can be an emotional and physical release for those moving through grief. Don’t hold back when it comes to allowing yourself to be vulnerable and express how you feel. Especially in the initial few months after suffering a loss, you may feel yourself crying more than you’d expect. Remember: You’re stronger than you know.

If you’re still struggling with grief after seeking support from family and friends, reach out to our team 24/7. We’ll connect you with local grief services.