Answers to Common Questions About Preplanning

As you can imagine, many Queens and Astoria families who come to Farenga Funeral Home to plan a funeral for their loved quickly become overwhelmed by the countless decisions that need to be made. Decisions like these:

Farenga-Preplan“Did he want a big, public funeral or something more private? He was kind of a quiet guy and at one point said he didn’t want a fuss made when he died. But what about all of the people who want to pay their respects now that he’s gone?”

“Where did she want to be buried? I know in the past, she had talked about going back to our home country, but I don’t think a final decision was made.”

“Did he ever mention military honors? His time in the service meant so much to him, but we never had a conversation about what would happen when he died.”

We can’t tell you how many times families have sat with us to plan a funeral for a loved one – and then asked to meet with us again to put their own arrangements in place. Doing so has far-reaching benefits, from giving you control over the decisions made to taking that pressure off your loved ones. Our staff understands that some people don’t give a lot of thought to their own funeral until they are close to death or experience the death of someone close to them. Yet more New Yorkers than ever are making these decisions ahead of time. Below are a few of the questions about preplanning that we hear most often:

“What kinds of decisions would I make when I preplan?”

You can put in writing whether you’d feel more comfortable with a large funeral or a smaller, private service. What about adding personal details to the funeral, like specific songs or readings? Do you prefer traditional burial or cremation? Take a look at our Preplanning Checklist for additional questions to consider.

“Can I choose where I want to be buried?”

Yes – and this is a very important and personal decision to make. Maybe you want your final resting place to be in another country or state, near your place of birth or next to another loved one who has died. We can coordinate the logistics, so your family doesn’t have to worry. If you choose cremation, we can help you select a permanent memorial location or research local and state laws if you would like your cremated remains scattered in a place that is meaningful to you.

“What should I have ready to begin the preplanning process?”

Keep in mind that after a death, there are more than 100 details to address. Our Preplanning Checklist outlines the documents you will need. You can reach out to us today to learn more, or you can begin the process online from the comfort of home.

“Do I have to pay for anything when I preplan?”

You do you not have to fund your pre-arranged plans now – but you can if you would like. By paying up front, the costs for the arrangements will be locked in for the future, even if prices for various services and products increase. Remember that even if you pay, you can still adjust your plans later if you wish.

We are here to make sure everything is done your way when it comes to your funeral arrangements. Feel free to contact us with more questions or to set up a time to meet with us in person.