Burial Outside of New York

Choosing a final resting place for a loved one is a big decision. It’s a meaningful place to which generations will return for years to come. Sometimes the right location for a loved one is out of state, perhaps in their hometown or place of origin. Losing a loved one is never easy, and often the aftermath isn’t straightforward either, especially if they require a burial outside of New York. At Farenga Funeral Homes & Cremation Service, our experienced staff helps families in Queens and Astoria make this particular arrangement and choose from a variety of other burial options.


Here are a few important things to keep in mind if your loved one will be buried outside of New York:


Cost of transport varies.

Transporting cremated remains costs considerably less than shipping a body across state lines or to another country. Ground transportation tends to be the most cost-effective option for families. Some transport services charge per mile, so be prepared to pay more for farther distances. If the distance is farther away from the origin point, rail and air transport may be available, which would incur different charges. Our staff can provide an estimate of how much you should budget for this service.


The funeral home in the place of burial will be involved.

When transporting a loved one out of state, you’ll need to make plans both within New York and at the destination of choice. If you choose Farenga to arrange the sendoff, we’ll coordinate with the cemetery or mortuary of your choice to arrange the timely reception of your loved one. Our professional team will work with the receiving entity and take charge of all the related details.


A death away from home is handled in much the same way.

In the case of a death away from home, whether in the U.S. or abroad, our burial experts can help coordinate the transport of your loved one back to New York or to an alternative resting place out of state. We understand you and your family will likely be stressed after the unexpected death of a loved one, so we’ll handle all the relevant paperwork with the state and/or country involved.


Many funeral homes in the area don’t help with out-of-state burials. We are proud to provide this valuable service to all the families in our area. If you have questions about burial outside of New York or our funeral or cremation services, contact our team today.