Can I Be Buried in Another Place & Other Burial Questions

When it comes time to make end-of-life arrangements, it’s important for Queens and Astoria families to know all their options – and here at Farenga Funeral Home, the options are many. This includes the many ways we can help a family celebrate a life through a personal funeral, and by choosing a meaningful final resting place following cremation or with a traditional burial.

In this blog, we’ll address the most common questions we hear about burial and provide the information you need. As you read, remember that no matter what is driving your choices when it comes to end-of-life decisions—whether it is family legacy, a faith tradition, or unique customs— our caring team is here to help you make the best choice for you and your family.

Q.) I’ve called Astoria home for many years, but grew up in Greece where a lot of my relatives still live. If I die in New York, can I be buried in my homeland with my family?

A.) One request we regularly receive is to transfer a loved one to another state or country for services or final disposition, such as burial. We are proud to offer area families the ability to transport their loved one to all 50 states and most foreign countries.

Given the significant regulations and logistics involved, such a transfer requires the level of expertise and care that only Farenga Funeral Home can deliver. We can handle all necessary paperwork, travel bookings, customs and immigration details, preparation of the casket for travel, and transport of your loved one to and from airports. With Farenga, you do not need to worry with your loved one in our care.

We also know that many families would like to have a funeral or memorial service at Farenga Funeral Home before their loved one is transferred back home for burial or interment. We can arrange as little or as much as you would like, including a private viewing, visitation, or service. Whatever you need, we are here to serve you.

Q.) If I choose cremation, what are my options for a final resting place?

A.) With cremation your options are nearly limitless—from aboveground entombment in a columbarium niche to in-ground burial. If you prefer to keep your loved one with you always, consider a decorative urn or piece of keepsake jewelry. Scattering can also be a meaningful choice. Trust us to help you and inform you of all New York health and legal restrictions.

Q.) I’ve heard having a permanent memorial can help the grieving process. Do you agree?

A.) Having a permanent memorial to return to and visit your loved one is also a crucial step in the grieving process. Once the funeral is over, once friends and family leave and life gets quiet again, a permanent memorial gives you a specific place to begin healing. When you feel like connecting with your loved one, a permanent memorial gives you a quiet, peaceful place to do so.

Our team at Farenga Funeral Home can help you locate the perfect permanent memorial where future generations can gather to honor your loved one’s memory.

If reading this blog has inspired you to think about your own end-of-life plans, why not put them in writing? Farenga Funeral Home’s compassionate, professional staff is ready to assist you however we can. This includes talking you through your options and ensuring your plans will be followed your way.

Reach out to us by phone or stop by in person. We’re always available to help our friends and neighbors.