Why We Encourage Families to Add Personal Details to Funerals

At Farenga Funeral Home, we believe each funeral should be one-of-a-kind and reflect an individual’s unforgettable personality.  Throughout our many years of experience helping Astoria and Greater Queens families plan funerals for their loved ones, we’ve noticed an element that brings a special measure of healing to those attending a service: incorporating a loved one’s unique interests, passions, and accolades to celebrate what made them memorable.

Psychologists and grief counselors agree that a funeral not only brings home the reality and finality of death, but also gives those left behind an opportunity to gather, share memories, and support one another. This is enhanced when personal details are woven throughout the service.

Farenga-Memory TableWhile there are countless ways to create a meaningful tribute, here are some of our favorites:

Create a display table featuring photographs, memorabilia, or service or military awards. Maybe your dad was the world’s biggest Mets fan with the tickets and programs to prove it. Featuring these along with his beloved sports gear would be an easy yet moving way to showcase his passion. Perhaps your aunt was an avid volunteer who helped several nonprofits in the area. Setting out information about these organizations would remind everyone of her dedication – and provide an opportunity for others to help if they wanted to carry on her legacy in that way.

Distribute a keepsake. If your grandma had a favorite flower, our staff could hand out seeds to everyone in attendance. Was your uncle known for uttering a certain saying over the years? We could have that printed on a bookmark for all to take home.

Play special music. We’ve helped families arrange for Greek music to be performed at the graveside, for musicians to play hymns at the funeral service, and for a special recording of beloved songs during the visitation.

Farenga-Dove ReleaseBalloon and dove release. Many families over the years have found meaning in the symbolism of releasing doves or balloons after the funeral service is over.

No matter how you choose to personalize a service, know we are always here to help you through, answering your questions and making sure your wishes are carried out. We want to help you create the most special and fitting tribute to your loved one, and we work with all budgets, so you don’t have to worry about finances while grieving.

Whether your choice is traditional burial or cremation, we know how to create a funeral service that reflects your loved one’s religion, culture, and values. We will make sure their personality shines through, which will surely help family and friends on their journey toward healing. We offer more affordable personalization options than other funeral homes in the Astoria area, and are always available when you need us. Don’t hesitate to reach out anytime.