How Your Funeral Can Reflect Your Love of New York

We’re meeting more and more people in Astoria and Queens who tell us they don’t want a “typical” funeral. They may embrace certain traditional elements like a visitation, ceremony, and burial, but they want their final farewell to be a reflection of their life. They want to include as many personal details as possible. Our staff here at Farenga Funeral Home has many ideas of how to incorporate creativity into a funeral – particularly when it comes to those who love this city as much as we do.

Farenga-How Your Funeral Can Reflect Your Love of New YorkAs we continue to adjust to life in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, we are hearing from many New Yorkers who want to put their own end-of-life arrangements in place. They don’t want their loved ones to feel pressured or stressed to make these plans during a difficult time, and are taking the opportunity to put preferences in writing right now. If you’re interested in learning more about this process, reach out to us anytime.

As you think through your options, here are a few special ways to reflect your love for our great city.

Set out a favorite team jersey to use as a guestbook. Most families have a guest book at the visitation for funeral attendees to sign. Imagine the surprise – and the smiles – when your favorite team’s jersey or piece of equipment is set out instead. Display a Yankees bat, a Giants helmet, or a Knicks jersey with a marker for signatures. After the funeral, loved ones will have a beautiful memento to frame or display.

Create a tribute video featuring your favorite New York destinations. Seeing photos is a way to travel into the past – and photos of you at your favorite places will make that journey extra special for your loved ones. You may have photos from your childhood, and you can also feature shots of beloved buildings, parks, stadiums, and more. Anything that speaks to your passions and interests in our wonderful city. 

Distribute a New York-style keepsake. Many people have a special keepsake distributed at their funeral, such as a packet of seeds or a flower they love or a bookmark featuring a notable quote or passage of Scripture. Imagine how moved your loved ones would be to receive a locally made product they know you’ve enjoyed over the years. There are edible options like cheese or artisan chocolate, or non-edible ideas like a card drawn by a local artist or a customized candle.

Feature music by a local artist. Music adds so much meaning to any service, but personalizing your music choices can make the service even more heartfelt. Choose a song or artist that meant a lot to you or, if possible, hire the artist to play in person.  

Plan a toast featuring your favorite New York food or beverage. From your favorite pizza or sandwich to a cookie or ice cream treat, the options here are endless. For an extra special touch, hire a favorite food truck to make a surprise appearance.

When we talk about planning a funeral that reflects who you are and what you’re passionate about, many people express interest in putting their own preferences in writing as we mentioned earlier. Doing so has never been easier. Our preplanning checklist is a great tool to help you compile all necessary documents. Filling out our preplanning form online will give you a head start in putting your wishes in writing.

You want your funeral to be a special event, and incorporating elements from your favorite city in the world will give your loved ones a final gift they’ll never forget.