Most Common Funeral Questions Answered

At Farenga Family of Funeral Homes & Cremation Service, our experienced staff members receive a lot of funeral questions from families throughout Queens and Astoria. We do our best to help our neighbors understand all that choosing burial or cremation entails. End-of-life services involve lots of decisions and details, and we hope these answers provide a little more understanding for families in our community.  


What is direct cremation?  

Direct cremation is a streamlined approach to cremation and costs less than a traditional cremation involving a witnessed cremation, visitation, or other additional service options. Direct cremation allows families to forego a funeral ceremony and see their loved one transported directly to the crematorium. A simple arrangement like direct cremation is the best choice for many families in our area, depending on their unique needs and budget.  


What does it mean to personalize a loved one’s service? 

Personalizing a loved one’s funeral means integrating aspects of their life story or personality into the service. You might choose to display favorite photos of your loved one along with small mementoes atop a memory table. Perhaps you play a curated playlist of their favorite songs as guests enter the chapel. Another beautiful way to honor a loved one is displaying their favorite flowers atop the casket or around the reception hall.  


An obituary shares personal details about the person being honored, so a family member or close friend each makes a great obituary writer. Ideally the obituary writer should be someone who knew the person for a substantial amount of time or had a close relationship with them. It also helps if the obituary writer is familiar with the family history of the loved one who has died, as this is often mentioned in an obituary.  


Should I plan my funeral in advance?  

Preplanning a funeral saves your loved ones the stress of making important decisions about your end-of-life services. When you preplan your funeral or cremation with us, you can make prepayments on your service options, so your family won’t have to make future payments when the time comes. You and your family will have peace of mind knowing that key decisions around your final arrangements have already been made.  


If you’re ready to start planning a funeral for your loved one, contact our dedicated staff today. We are always ready to help you arrange a beautiful tribute.