Why You Should Never Skip the Funeral

We know it’s a question many people in Astoria and Greater Queens have asked themselves over the years: Should I attend the funeral? Maybe you never met the person who died, but work with one of their loved ones. Maybe the family dynamic is complex, or you don’t want to attend by yourself. Perhaps the funeral is out of town and you’re not sure how you’ll manage the logistics (not to mention the cost).

Farenga-VisitationWhatever the situation, our staff at Farenga Funeral Home wants you to know you’re not alone in your struggle over whether or not to attend. We help grieving families every day with their funeral, cremation, and burial needs, and our Owner, Gus Antonopoulos, grew up working at Farenga Funeral Home. Farenga has been family owned and operated since opening its doors in 1876, and that gives us a unique perspective on the impact and significance of funerals.

The bottom line is that a funeral plays a pivotal role in the grieving process and it’s important to attend if you’re able. Of course, there are cases where this simply isn’t possible and in these circumstances, you can express your condolences through a heartfelt sympathy card, flowers, or a donation to an appropriate charity. But attending the funeral is significant in many ways.

A funeral marks the importance of the moment. Funeral rites are as old as humanity itself, and funeral ceremonies are a part of every society worldwide. The traditions help us acknowledge a death and make it seem more real. This encourages a healthy expression of grief while commemorating and celebrating a life.

A funeral is an opportunity to remember. No matter how well you knew the person who died, a funeral is an opportunity to honor their memory. The funerals we help design offer a personalized look into a individual’s passions, accomplishments, and personality. We encourage every family to celebrate their loved one in a meaningful way, and help capture this throughout the viewing, funeral service, and burial.

Farenga-Memory TableA funeral shows support to loved ones. When family and friends gather to say their farewells, there is a sense of belonging, connection, and security, and these are all beneficial to the healing process. A funeral is an opportunity to strengthen old relationships and forge new ones, which can be critical for those who are grieving, as they face the days and months ahead. To share stories, to reminisce and remember, can bring healing all its own.

Here at Farenga Funeral Home, we say with sincerity that helping families throughout Astoria and Greater Queens is not a job to us – it is our calling. Beyond the range of services we offer, we also provide support with grief brochures, our blog, and online interactive grief support. We are here for you 24/7 to answer questions and help you in any way we can. Contact us anytime.