Top 3 Reasons to Preplan Your Funeral

At Farenga Funeral Home, we often hear stories like this one:

“Dad didn’t preplan his funeral. When he died, my siblings and I were left with multiple decisions to make, which added more stress to an already difficult time. We were unorganized, and tensions were high. Instead of mourning the loss of our father, we were left with questions about his final preferences, which caused arguments and disagreements. Luckily, we turned to Farenga for help.”

Our professional care team also sits down with our neighbors in Queens and Astoria who say this:

“I’m so glad I chose to preplan my funeral with Farenga. The staff was so kind and caring, and I knew I could trust them. Now that I’ve made my end-of-life preferences known to my family, all they have to do is call Farenga. They’ll handle the rest.”

These are only a couple of examples of stories we hear from  families in Queens and Astoria . Some aren’t aware that planning their own funeral, burial, or cremation is an option, and even if they do, people often ask, “Why should I?” While the benefits of planning your own funeral ahead of time are many and varied, here are our top three reasons to make your final wishes known.

Peace of Mind

No one likes to talk about death, especially their own. However, some say preplanning is the greatest gift you can give to your family – and what comes with this gift is the ultimate peace of mind. It’s peace of mind knowing your family can focus on grieving. It’s knowing you’ve made all the important decisions for them.

Make it More “You”

We know each individual we serve was special, and we’re here to highlight the unique life they lived.  Personal touches like a memory table, dove release, live music, or even a motorcycle hearse can be included in the plans you make When you choose Farenga, we have the knowledge and experience to infuse different interests, accomplishments, and personality into a memorial. From crafting a memory table to putting together a video tribute, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

If you are a veteran, we’ll make sure you and your family receive every benefit you  deserve. Veterans, or America’s heroes as we like to call them, are the heartbeat of the nation, and laying them to rest is an honor we’re proud to hold.

Saves Money

Even when you choose to preplan with us, you don’t have to pay immediately – we’ll simply file your wishes away. If you do decide to pay, your funds won’t be susceptible to inflation. In the year to come, inflation will not impact the cost if you pay ahead of time.

Of course, you can always trust us here at Farenga Funeral Home to walk you through the planning process. We have endless resources on our website, including forms, an FAQ section, and more planning-related blogs available to you. To get started online, fill out our online planning form, or view our comprehensive planning checklist. The first step is contacting us – we’ll take it from there.