Understanding the Cremation and Burial Process

Until a loved one dies, many families in Queens and Astoria don’t know the extent of end-of-life options, including the details of cremation, traditional burial, and the selection of a final resting place. Our Farenga Funeral Home staff hears questions like, “Can we have a funeral even with cremation?” “Can we bury some of the cremated remains near our family plot at a cemetery and scatter some at a location that meant a lot to our loved one?” “What if some of our family chooses cremation and some want traditional burial? Can we still all be buried together?”

You have questions, and our caring staff has answers. Let’s walk through the details, and then if you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to us.

First, we’ll address why more New Yorkers than ever are opting for cremation over traditional burial. Some choose cremation because it can be a less expensive option. Others don’t feel as tied to their family traditions – the way their family “has always done things.” There are others still who are concerned about their carbon footprint and want an eco-friendly option. Many families we serve, want their loved ones to be buried back home, which can mean burial in another state or even country. No matter the distance, you can trust the experts at Farenga to safely transport your loved one and navigate applicable regulations—all while making it as affordable as possible for your family.

If you choose cremation with Farenga Funeral Home, you’ll have peace of mind knowing we adhere to the very highest professional and ethical cremation standards. We are also able to help design a dignified service to help honor and celebrate a life. This service can take place before or after the cremation; whatever is most convenient to the family. It’s important to remember that you may still have a visitation, memorial service, traditional funeral service, graveside observance, and many other comforting and healing rituals. And you can personalize any service with a balloon or dove release, live musicians, or a display featuring family photos, military metals, and favorite recipes or flowers.


Cremation Disposition Options

For those who choose cremation, we can arrange for memorialization in a dignified Columbarium niche or mausoleum. We have a wide selection of decorative urns and keepsake jewelry for permanent possession. These keepsakes are a special way to keep your loved one with you long after they’re gone. Many people find great comfort in these tangible objects and appreciate that they can be transported wherever life takes them.

If you prefer to scatter some or all of the cremated remains, let us help you arrange a final disposition ceremony. We can provide you with a temporary container and inform you of the New York health and legal restrictions.


We’ll Help with All Your Arrangements

If you prefer aboveground memorialization, you can select a personal or family mausoleum. For in-ground burial, ask us about personalization options, including monuments that will stand the test of time. When you choose to hold a graveside service, we also offer you the use of our pristine fleet of funeral vehicles.

We do not own our own cemetery, but our caring funeral service staff can assist you in deciding on a final resting place for you or your loved one. Farenga Funeral Home has relationships with all of the surrounding cemeteries. We can coordinate aboveground memorialization in a personal mausoleum or larger sizes for you and your loved ones to share. We can give you a tour of local cemeteries and help you select a burial plot. As a reminder, because we are a full-service provider, we can provide burial, scattering, permanent possession, or mausoleums


If you would like to learn more, call today to speak with cremation preplanning specialists. We can assist you with your choice and help you put a plan in place that will bring meaning and comfort to you and your family. For us, it’s about making sure your wishes are carried out exactly the way you want – one decision at a time.