Veteran Burials – What You Need to Know

It’s the time of year when all Americans honor and remember the heroes who served our country. If there’s anything we know about Queens and Astoria families, it’s how patriotic they are! But for the family members and friends of these U.S. veterans, Veterans Day is especially meaningful. Veterans Day is a day set aside to honor and thank all veterans who have served our great country.

At Farenga Funeral Home, we make honoring our veterans a priority, and we wish to help you plan a respectful funeral. We want our veterans and their family members to know when it comes to memorializing a soldier’s life, he or she deserves only the best.

Most veterans know they can be buried in one of the 135 national cemeteries, with available space. To prepare, presenting your discharge papers is a very important part of establishing your eligibility in these cemeteries. However, many people want to be buried close to their family and friends in their hometowns in a private cemetery. For those veterans with loved ones in Queens and Astoria, we have several locations with qualified staff ready to plan a respectful military service for our local heroes.

During a military funeral service, military men and women will honor the veteran with a burial flag and Presidential Memorial Certificate. The burial flag is generally given to the next of kin. The U.S. government will provide the headstone or marker, and some veterans are even entitled to burial allowances, meaning partial reimbursement of an eligible veteran’s burial and funeral costs.

An important step in planning a veteran’s funeral is choosing the best way to pay tribute to your loved one’s life. At Farenga Funeral Home, we offer many special touches to help you personalize the service, such as remembrance keepsakes, picture boards, limousine service, receptions, and more. If you choose to hold a reception, we will work with you to get every detail right.

We can help you through all these steps and find out exactly what you are entitled to while planning a respectful funeral for a veteran. We work with these wonderful families often and know the process well. For more information, you can go to, or call our funeral home at any time.