Welcome to Our New Blog

Gus Antonopoulos sitting in a chair

We are excited to welcome you to the home of the new Farenga Family of Funeral Homes & Cremation Service blog! We’ve been a part of the Astoria and Greater Queens communities for a long time, but if you haven’t yet had a chance to get to know us, this will be the place to do it. Our blog will be your go-to source for information on all the many ways we can serve your family.

It might seem a little different for a funeral home to have a blog. After all, with an estimated 2.5 billion blog posts publishing online every day, what do we have to say that’s new and relevant to your life? We think if one of the following things is true about you, you’ve found yourself a new favorite blog:

1.) You want to connect with others in the community.

Gus Antonopoulos sitting in a chair

Our Owner, Gus Antonopoulos

Farenga Family of Funeral Homes & Cremation Service has been a part of Astoria and Greater Queens, New York since 1876. Our current owner, Gus Antonopoulos, was born in Astoria, and he grew up working side by side here with Felix A. Farenga. He is passionate about helping his neighbors during the most difficult moments of their life, and connecting with those who live in our community is a priority for all of us.

We hope this blog, and our vibrant Facebook community, will become a way for us to dialogue with you, and a place for you to connect with your neighbors.

2.) If you are looking for grief resources.

Because we view every family we serve as both a friend and a neighbor, we feel a responsibility to help you that extends long after the funeral service is over. You can find several grief resources on our website already, including interactive, online grief support. But we plan to bring you even more helpful information here on our blog. In fact, be sure to subscribe now, because before the month is over, we’ll be sharing with you some tips for getting through the holidays when you’re dealing with grief. We want this place to be a source of encouragement for you on those tough days when you’re not sure where to turn.

And of course, if you need immediate help, you can always reach out to us directly for counseling referrals or information about local support groups.

3.) If planning for the future is important to you.

We all know that it’s important to plan for retirement and even to make end-of-life plans, including a will or an advanced directive. But more and more people are also choosing to plan their own funeral. It’s one of the greatest gifts of love you can give your family, and you will be amazed at the peace of mind it brings to you. There are a lot of things to think about when preplanning, but we’ll bring you tips and ideas that will make it simple and meaningful.

4.) If you are interested in the cultural tapestry of Greater Queens.

You’ll be hard pressed to find an area richer in culture than Greater Queens. And since Farenga has been here for over 130 years, we’ve seen firsthand how embracing your own traditions and rituals can bring healing. We serve people from all cultural and religious backgrounds – including many from the Greek community – and we want to share with you here some of the beautiful cultures that call Greater Queens “home.”

So, welcome! Be sure to follow this blog so you never miss a post, and follow us on Facebook for the latest information on Farenga Family of Funeral Homes & Cremation Service.