What Details Can I Include in a Funeral to Make it Special?

At Farenga Funeral Home, we know our neighbors in Astoria and Queens put their families first, both in life and death. When it comes to creating a meaningful funeral service, it’s about sharing memories, reconnecting with family and friends, and saying a final farewell. Whether your loved one preferred burial or cremation, you can trust us to assist you in shining a spotlight on what made them unique and special  to so many. Below are a few ways to tell the story of a lifetime.

Deliver a Thoughtful Eulogy

As light-hearted obituaries become more popular, optimistic and upbeat eulogies are following the same trend. We want to remember the fun times we have with our loved ones and choosing someone who will retell these stories is a great way to create a healing atmosphere for the service.

Play Special Music

Music is quite often tied to special memories, so why not incorporate your loved one’s favorites into their service? If you’re planning your own funeral, think about songs that evoke happy, uplifting memories. Then, share these with your family and trusted funeral home to ensure your wishes are followed.

Choose Special Attire

Another way to make a funeral service special is by requesting that friends and family to wear your loved one’s favorite color. Were they a huge baseball or football fan? Ask everyone to wear a baseball hat or jersey. It’s these small details that make each service unique, and you can always look to us for ideas on creating an unforgettable tribute.

Incorporate Personal Decorations

This is one of the most unique ways to give your loved one a special farewell. Maybe your mother was a sewing expert. Consider hanging up her favorite quilts or setting her sewing machine out on display. If Dad was an avid gardener, our staff can help create a memory table full of his gardening tools and favorite plants. With Farenga, the possibilities are endless.

Include Favorite Foods

If there’s anything that brings people together, it’s great food. This could be anything from small finger foods to a full meal – or even catered spread from your loved one’s favorite restaurant. To make it extra special, incorporate your loved one’s favorite home-cooked recipes into the reception. It could be simple, like a dipping sauce or as intricate as bananas Foster.

Feature Unique Transportation

If you want something traditional, we have a fleet of meticulously cleaned vehicles for you to comfortably ride to the cemetery. We’re also happy to arrange a more unique way of transportation for you. For example, if your loved one enjoyed motorcycle, we can help you coordinate a motorcycle hearse for the service.

These are just a few of the ways the compassionate care team at Farenga Funeral Home will help create the most unforgettable service . You should celebrate the end of a life in the most unique ways – and trust us to be your guide.

If there are specific details you want included in your own service, let them be known by preplanning with us. We even have an online planning form that makes planning easier than ever to complete. Or you can contact us to get started in person.