What Makes Farenga’s Locations Special

When the death of a loved one occurs, it is imperative to find a funeral home you and your family trust. At Farenga Funeral Home, our compassionate staff helps our neighbors throughout Greater Queens in their time of need. From the moment you contact us to plan a funeral service,  we are available and ready to guide you through each step.

Here are some of the key reasons so many families choose our funeral home locations.

We are deeply rooted in the area.

Family-owned and operated for over a century, our funeral home is focused on helping people through the most difficult times of life. Our staff is knowledgeable about the religious and cultural customs and traditions in our surrounding neighborhoods. We bring decades of experience to each encounter and work closely with every family to plan a funeral service that honors their specific background and upbringing.

We offer a variety of services.

From traditional burial and cremation to veterans’ services and grief recovery, we offer a range of end-of-life services to area families. We work closely with family members to ensure their wishes are honored at every step of the way. We also offer more personalization options than other funeral homes in the area, meaning that we can design an unforgettable – and highly personal – final farewell.

Our care extends beyond the funeral service.

We understand the unpredictability of the grieving process and encourage our neighbors to seek aftercare services if they still find themselves struggling with the effects of grief after the funeral has ended. Families can access interactive grief services on our website 24/7. We can also connect you with professional therapists and counselors throughout Greater Queens.

Our locations are convenient and easy to access.

We believe a family that has lost a loved one shouldn’t have to worry about where to park or how to safely enter a funeral home. We are the only funeral home in the area with its own private parking lot, and our facilities are handicap accessible. We pride ourselves on maintaining a funeral home that’s comfortable, elegant, and convenient for our neighbors and their guests.

At Farenga Funeral Home, we know the importance of finding a funeral home you trust. Your loved one deserves the best care, and our hard-working staff is here to ensure they receive it. Give us a call or send us a message today to find out more about what makes Farenga’s locations special.