• How to Be Thankful in the Midst of Grief
    Posted: 11/08/2021

    Anyone who has lost a loved one knows that grief is no easy path to walk. It requires, among other things, being kind and patient with yourself. At Farenga Funeral Home, our professional team regularly encounters families and individuals throughout Queens and Astoria who are dealing with grief. We’ve noticed the holiday season is an …
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  • Veteran Burials – What You Need to Know
    Posted: 11/04/2021

    It’s the time of year when all Americans honor and remember the heroes who served our country. If there’s anything we know about Queens and Astoria families, it’s how patriotic they are! But for the family members and friends of these U.S. veterans, Veterans Day is especially meaningful. Veterans Day is a day set aside …
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  • Top 10 Reasons to Preplan your Funeral
    Posted: 10/18/2021

    You might be surprised how many strong opinions you have about your own funeral, memorial service, and final resting place. Our Farenga Funeral Home staff has found this to be true for most Queens families we’ve talked to over the years. While many people haven’t spent much time thinking through their end-of-life details, they have …
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  • Ideas for Fall Fun in Astoria & Greater Queens
    Posted: 10/12/2021

    Our dedicated staff at Farenga Funeral Home knows there are a lot of exciting things to do in our area, especially in the fall. From vibrant outdoor activities to inspiring art installations, here are our favorite ideas for fall fun in Astoria and Greater Queens: Queens Botanical Garden In the fall, the Queens Botanical Garden …
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  • Can We Plan a Memorial for a Loved One Who Died Last Year?
    Posted: 09/13/2021

    For many families in Astoria, the coronavirus outbreak dramatically changed the way they said goodbye to loved ones who died. No more visitations with guests giving one another handshakes and hugs to offer support. No more open, public funerals as loved ones near and far gather to cry and laugh, linger, and reminisce. No more …
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  • Can I Be Buried in Another Place & Other Burial Questions
    Posted: 09/06/2021

    When it comes time to make end-of-life arrangements, it’s important for Queens and Astoria families to know all their options – and here at Farenga Funeral Home, the options are many. This includes the many ways we can help a family celebrate a life through a personal funeral, and by choosing a meaningful final resting …
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  • Unique Ways to Remember Your Loved One on Their Birthday
    Posted: 08/09/2021

    Many people tell us that one of the most difficult parts after losing a loved one is the “big days” that happen throughout the year. Holidays, anniversaries, birthdays – especially the birthday of the person who is no longer alive. A day that should be filled with fun and celebration now signifies loss. The love …
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  • Why More People are Writing Light-Hearted Obituaries
    Posted: 08/02/2021

    When you think of writing a meaningful obituary for a loved one who has died, adding light-hearted stories or details may not occur to you. Yet more families in Astoria, the Greater Queens area, and beyond are featuring funny, optimistic, and even playful content in an attempt to express what their loved one meant to …
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  • How to Deal with Grief When You’re Alone
    Posted: 07/16/2021

    Grief is a complex response to loss – and the emotions that come with it often leads to loneliness even when surrounded by people. Our experienced care team at Farenga Funeral Home has walked alongside many Queens and Astoria families grappling with loneliness, sorrow, and despair. Maybe you can relate on a personal level. It …
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  • Meaningful Ways to Honor a Veteran
    Posted: 07/08/2021

    Throughout our many years of serving Astoria families, our staff at Farenga Funeral Home believes this: There is no greater honor than caring for veterans and their families. For us, it’s one way to say thank you to those brave men and women who give so much to protect our American ideals of freedom, justice, …
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