• How to Deal with Grief When Returning to Work
    Posted: 09/12/2023

    The grief journey hits everyone differently and can last anywhere from weeks to months to years after a loved one’s funeral service. Limited vacation days and the lack of bereavement leave in the workplace have many individuals in our community returning to work amid heavy grief. At Farenga Family of Funeral Homes & Cremation Service, …
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  • Debunking Burial Myths
    Posted: 09/08/2023

    For a host of reasons, many people feel uncomfortable talking about death and death-adjacent topics like burial and cremation. While it may not be easy to have these conversations, it is important to distinguish between myth and fact when it comes to end-of-life options. At Farenga & Sons Family of Funeral Homes & Cremation Service, …
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  • Personal Touches that Make Your Funeral Unforgettable
    Posted: 08/14/2023

    At Farenga Funeral Home, we realize that each of our neighbors in  Queens and Astoria  wants their loved one’s funeral to be an unforgettable experience. Adding personal touches to a funeral ensures your loved one’s celebration is both memorable and meaningful. Highlight the five senses. If a loved one had a favorite color, request that guests wear that in …
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  • Myths About Kids and Grief
    Posted: 08/08/2023

    When a loved one dies, the ensuing grief can be overwhelming, no matter what age you are. Kids are particularly sensitive to grief, and many adults don’t know how to support children facing a difficult loss. At Farenga Family of Funeral Homes, our experienced staff has helped multiple families with children in Queens and Astoria navigate the grief …
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  • 4 Tips for Sorting Through a Loved One’s Belongings After Death
    Posted: 07/10/2023

    Families who come to Farenga Family of Funeral Homes from all around Queens and Astoria often tell us that one of the most heartbreaking moments of losing a loved one is returning to an empty home filled with memories – and possessions. Organizing items that have been collected over the decades is a daunting but necessary task, and we’re here to offer …
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  • Summer Fun in Greater Queens
    Posted: 07/03/2023

    Once summer begins and the weather warms up, our experienced staff members at Farenga Family Funeral Home love to be out and about enjoying time with family and friends. There are many fun things to do in Greater Queens , from museums to parks to festivals. If you’re looking for family-friendly summer activities in our area, here …
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  • What Family Ownership Means For You
    Posted: 06/08/2023

    Since Farenga & Sons opened our doors about 150 years ago, we have been committed to serving the families of Queens and Astoria during some of their most difficult moments. It’s not just a job for us; it truly is our calling.   Every day, you hear about more and more family-owned funeral homes selling to large corporations. Not Farenga & …
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  • How to prepare and protect your digital legacy
    Posted: 06/01/2023

    Nowadays, so much of life is lived online, whether it’s posting an update on social media, checking a bank account, or logging daily workouts. You and your loved ones have likely accumulated a large amount of digital assets over the years, and it’s natural to wonder what will happen to all these files after death. …
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  • How to Deal with the Loss of a Mother/Mother Figure
    Posted: 05/09/2023

    At Farenga Family of Funeral Homes & Cremation Service , our compassionate staff members help families cope with the deaths of immediate family members, including mothers. If you have lost your mother, seeing neighbors celebrate Mother’s Day this month throughout Queens and Astoria can be difficult and painful. We want those who are grieving this loss to know that they are not alone.   Here are …
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  • 5 Ways to Tell a Story Through a Funeral Reception
    Posted: 05/05/2023

    Storytelling has been around since the beginning of time. Stories define us, connect us, and help us heal. That’s why our caring team at Farenga Family Funeral Homes & Cremation Service finds it so important to help families tell stories about their loved ones in ways that are personal and meaningful. Stories told during funerals , visitations, and even funeral receptions encourage loved ones to revisit memories, …
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