• Funeral Director handing a cremation urn to family
    Cremation Q&A
    Posted: 12/29/2017

    For families in Greater Queens, the choice of whether to have a traditional burial or cremation is a personal choice. You have to take into consideration preferences, religious and cultural beliefs, and budget. At Farenga Funeral Home, we believe ultimately that you have decide what makes sense for you and your family. With more people …
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  • Decorating christmas tree, holiday christmas family dinner
    Christmas in Queens
    Posted: 12/14/2017

    Here at Farenga Funeral Home, we think there is no better time of the year than Christmas in Queens! This season, if you have out-of-town guests here visiting, or if you’re out and about in our great borough, you’ll want to know of some of the holiday events that are happening. We know this place …
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  • Family With Grandparents Enjoying Thanksgiving Meal At Table
    What Farenga is Thankful For
    Posted: 11/20/2017

    We love the holidays here at Farenga Funeral Home – Christmas, Halloween, Easter – such great times with family and friends. And even better food shared around the dining table! Thanksgiving might be our favorite holiday though. There’s a chill in the air here in Greater Queens and Astoria, and families are beginning to come …
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  • Small American flags
    What Does it Mean to Be Patriotic?
    Posted: 11/10/2017

    When our country is in peril, Americans – and especially those from Queens, Astoria, and other parts of New York City – are quick to rally to her aid. When we’ve been attacked, our men and women fight with uncommon valor. During times of crisis, our patriotic emotions are there for all to see. We …
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  • Senior Couple Preplanning
    Why Making Your Own Funeral Plans Doesn’t Have to Be Spooky
    Posted: 10/30/2017

    It’s the time of year when the streets of Astoria and Greater Queens fill with little ones – and not so little ones – all dressed up as zombies, ghosts, and other ghoulish creatures. During Halloween, spooky and creepy things take on a less scary side, and most of us enjoy some good-natured “frights,” including …
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  • Farenga funeral service
    Funeral Service Options: What is Best for My Love One?
    Posted: 10/20/2017

    Planning a funeral involves many personal decisions concerning how you or your loved one wish to be laid to rest. We often hear questions from the Astoria and Greater Queens families we serve about the major differences between the funeral options we offer and what will fit best for their wishes, traditions, preferences, and budget. …
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  • Floral Arrangement
    The Use of Funeral Flowers in Greek Orthodox Funerals
    Posted: 09/29/2017

    Flowers are an essential part of almost every meaningful ceremony. They are a symbol for beauty and life as well as a token of gratitude or condolence. They have a very important role in the various religious rituals and traditions that color the Greater Queens community, and they connect us all in our love for …
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  • Caregiver reading to senior
    Ideas for Reconnecting with Life After a Loss
    Posted: 09/15/2017

    It’s quite usual – and normal – for people who have suffered a loss to go into a kind of isolation. It’s common to feel tremendous sorrow and dislocation even long after the funeral service is over. The normal routines of life have been cruelly interrupted. At Farenga Funeral Homes, we have witnessed this pain …
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  • Businessman in a suit taking selfie
    How Social Media Has Affected  Funeral Service
    Posted: 08/22/2017

    Research shows that in 2017, 81% of the American population will be on some type of social media, so if by some chance you haven’t joined Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram yet, chances are, you probably will soon. It’s even been reported that time spent on social media is second only to time spent watching television. …
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  • Personalized memory table for cremation urn
    How to Make a Cremation Service Meaningful
    Posted: 08/11/2017

    Years ago, there was one factor that kept many Astoria families from considering cremation when they were planning a funeral. People believed that if they chose cremation, they could not have a funeral service that was meaningful and told the story of their loved one’s life. Of course, this is not true.  Funeral traditions are …
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