• How to Make a Veteran’s Funeral Special
    Posted: 05/10/2021

    Our staff at Farenga Funeral Home  agrees there is no greater honor than caring for veterans and their families. We will never forget moving moments like these: Soldiers presenting the folded American flag to a grieving family. A bugler playing Taps.  A three-gun volley fired by service members. Farenga Funeral Home has a long history …
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  • 5 Destinations to Savor Springtime in Astoria & Greater Queens
    Posted: 04/12/2021

    It’s springtime here in Queens and Astoria, and our Farenga Funeral Home team is ready for warmer days, sunshine, picnics, and so much more. We know our neighbors are ready for this new season as well after what felt like a very long winter! New York has endless destinations that are perfect to visit in …
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  • When You Don’t Know What to Say at a Visitation
    Posted: 04/08/2021

    We’ve talked to countless people in Astoria over the years who have a story like this one: My elderly neighbor died last week and I read in her online obituary that there’s a visitation, funeral, and reception this weekend. I cared about my neighbor and want to pay my respects, but I have never met …
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  • What Details Can I Include in a Funeral to Make it Special?
    Posted: 03/12/2021

    At Farenga Funeral Home, we know our neighbors in Astoria and Queens put their families first, both in life and death. When it comes to creating a meaningful funeral service, it’s about sharing memories, reconnecting with family and friends, and saying a final farewell. Whether your loved one preferred burial or cremation, you can trust …
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  • What are Our Options? Alternatives to Traditional Funerals
    Posted: 03/03/2021

    If a member of our care team asked you what you envision for your own funeral, what would you say? Would it look like other services you have attended, perhaps held in a place of worship or a funeral home? Would you want a formal gathering, solemn in nature, with guests dressed in black? Or …
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  • How to Handle A Loved One’s Death Anniversary
    Posted: 02/10/2021

    When it comes to the anniversary of a loved one’s death, most people don’t know what to expect.  Should they do something special in commemoration? Maybe visit the final resting place? Or would it be easier to power through the day as usual in case painful feelings resurface? At Farenga Funeral Home, we often hear …
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  • 10 Things Our Staff Wants You to Know About Grief
    Posted: 02/03/2021

    10 Things Our Staff Wants You to Know About Grief Grief is a complex emotion that affects each person differently, but it has become clear over our years working with our neighbors in Queens and Astoria that the only way someone can successfully process grief is to start the steps of working through it. At …
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  • How Should I Act at a Funeral Service? Our Top 7 Etiquette Tips
    Posted: 01/06/2021

    Our neighbors in Queens and Astoria know it’s important to show compassion, care, and courtesy during a funeral service. This makes an already trying day a bit easier, as friends and family can begin to heal in peace. Though funeral traditions and customs change over time, one thing stays constant: funeral etiquette. Here are funeral …
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  • Why Gratitude is Important for the New Year
    Posted: 01/04/2021

    The new year is approaching, and we know many of our neighbors in Queens and Astoria are thinking about their New Year’s resolutions. This is the time for not only a refresh, but it’s a chance to consciously do something different in the coming year. Our New Year’s resolution here at Farenga Funeral Home ? …
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  • Unique Ideas for Celebrating a Loved One’s Life
    Posted: 12/11/2020

    At Farenga Funeral Home, we know how diverse and unique our communities are here in Queens and Astoria, and we know how special your loved one was. We believe in creating unforgettable tributes that truly portray the individuality of the life lived. While we offer many ways to craft a special service, such as memory …
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