• How Should I Act at a Funeral Service? Our Top 7 Etiquette Tips
    Posted: 01/06/2021

    Our neighbors in Queens and Astoria know it’s important to show compassion, care, and courtesy during a funeral service. This makes an already trying day a bit easier, as friends and family can begin to heal in peace. Though funeral traditions and customs change over time, one thing stays constant: funeral etiquette. Here are funeral …
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  • Why Gratitude is Important for the New Year
    Posted: 01/04/2021

    The new year is approaching, and we know many of our neighbors in Queens and Astoria are thinking about their New Year’s resolutions. This is the time for not only a refresh, but it’s a chance to consciously do something different in the coming year. Our New Year’s resolution here at Farenga Funeral Home ? …
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  • Unique Ideas for Celebrating a Loved One’s Life
    Posted: 12/11/2020

    At Farenga Funeral Home, we know how diverse and unique our communities are here in Queens and Astoria, and we know how special your loved one was. We believe in creating unforgettable tributes that truly portray the individuality of the life lived. While we offer many ways to craft a special service, such as memory …
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  • 5 Ways Funerals Are Changing
    Posted: 12/01/2020

    A traditional funeral doesn’t fit who I am. Can I plan a final farewell that’s more ‘me’?” “I want to care for the earth in death just as I do in life. What are my options for a  burial?” “I’d love for my friends and family to have a big party after my funeral. How …
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  • Why is a Permanent Memorial for a Veteran Important?
    Posted: 11/18/2020

    At Farenga Funeral Home, we can’t think of a higher privilege than laying a veteran to rest, and we’re honored to do our part in commemorating the lives of our servicemen and women. Veteran’s Day is an opportunity to think about and be grateful for all of the heroes who made our freedom their priority. …
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  • How to Support Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One During the Holidays
    Posted: 11/09/2020

    If you’ve lost a loved one, you understand that “big days” like the upcoming holidays can be especially difficult. You also understand how important it is to receive support from those around you. At Farenga Funeral Home, we help those in our Queens and Astoria communities navigate grift every day, and we see the impact …
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  • 5 Tips for Making a Service Run Smoothly
    Posted: 10/12/2020

    Most of our neighbors in Queens and Astoria don’t consider the process of planning a funeral service until they lose a loved one. Because of COVID-19 and the constant changes that come with a pandemic, families are often at a loss when someone close to them dies. Farenga Funeral Home understands the complexities of this …
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  • How the Changing Seasons Impact Grief 
    Posted: 10/07/2020

    “Every May, my mom helped me plant a garden. She died last fall and I tear up even thinking about shopping for flowers without her.”  “When the weather would warm up, my grandpa made his famous BBQ chicken just about every weekend. Now that he’s gone, even the smell of a cookout makes me sad.”  …
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  • What to Consider When Selecting a Funeral Home
    Posted: 09/15/2020

    The staff at Farenga Funeral Home understands  that choosing a funeral home is a significant decision to make during an already difficult time. We’re here to help our neighbors in Queens and Astoria any way we can, including providing information to make this decision easier. After a loved one dies and your family needs the …
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  • How To Embrace Life During a Season Of Uncertainty
    Posted: 09/08/2020

    Families in Queens and Astoria know that life changes are around every corner. With all the uncertainty we’re consistently exposed to, especially under COVID-19 circumstances, it’s possible you may be feeling a bit unsure of what happens next. While no one really knows the answer, we do know that uncertainty can’t be escaped or avoided, …
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