Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Final Resting Place
Our team at Farenga Funeral Home can help you locate the perfect permanent memorial—a place in or near Astoria or Greater Queens where future generations can gather to honor your loved one’s memory.

Traditional Burial
If you prefer aboveground memorialization, you can select a personal or family mausoleum. For in-ground burial, ask us about personalization options, including monuments that will stand the test of time. When you choose to hold a graveside service, we also offer you the use of our pristine fleet of funeral vehicles.

With cremation your options are nearly limitless—from aboveground entombment in a columbarium niche to in-ground burial. If you prefer to keep your loved one with you always, consider a decorative urn or piece of keepsake jewelry. Scattering can also be a meaningful choice. Trust us to help you and inform you of all New York health and legal restrictions.

Burial Outside of New York
Many families we serve, want their loved ones to be buried back home, which can mean burial in another state or even country. No matter the distance, you can trust the experts at Farenga Funeral Home to safely transport your loved one and navigate applicable regulations—all while making it as affordable as possible for your family.

Bouquet of pink flowers laying on top of a monument