Grief Recovery

Caring for Your Family After a Loss
One of the reasons Farenga Funeral Home has been the preferred funeral care provider in Astoria and Greater Queens since 1876 is that we truly care about the families we serve. And since we’re family-owned and operated, we know what a family needs during a time of grief. Reach out to us for help dealing with your loss. We can connect you with a local grief support group or a counselor.

Mother supporting her son and daughter through grief

Interactive Grief Support

For immediate support and to learn more about the grieving process, click the button below to view our Guiding Grief Interactive Video Support. Here, you will be guided through steps to help you find answers to many questions about grief and suggestions for your own healing or help with someone else’s healing. Gain an understanding and acceptance of how necessary the process is, and know that you will get through it. Watch this video to know you are not alone.

Guiding Grief